Saturday, 9 May 2015

Moments of wonder in the week

A morning so calm, the waves quietly dropping onto the sand. A solitary curlew amongst the surf searching oystercatchers.

Marsh Marigolds catching the late afternoon sun in the burn near the house.

As the sun was setting behind a thick band of cloud, there was Cloud Iridescence in the light clouds above.

Most of the in-by ewes have lambed now, which is a big relief and it is lovely to see the lambs all playing, running about with little random leaps which seem to express brief momentary exuberance.

This lamb and ewe were separated by the fence, and all they needed was for Farmer to 'push' the lamb along the fence line to the open gate.

Moving on for the evening, 2 cheviots ewes with their lambs and one Zwartble ewe and lamb.

The wetland is beginning to look beautiful again, and the fields are slowly beginning to green up.  We were very happy to talk meadows this week with some guests from Cumbria.   It would appear meadow world is a very small world. We found many connections and it was good to meet someone actively involved in the Coronation Meadow project.   It was also good for Farmer to hear some very positive feedback about the management of our fields, and gain some advice about what to look out for.  There is always something to learn.

Checking the sheep is still really important, as the mis-mothering happens at any time of day and night.

These twins belong to a Zwartble ewe, and as I was taking photographs of them, Farmer was rescuing another zwartie lamb which had somehow got on the wrong side of the fence.  A happy reunion followed!  And then the sound of silence as the baa-ing stops. Peace and quiet in the evening sun.

We are beginning to get to grips with the veg garden.  The view never stops enchanting me.

The night after the iridescent cloud, another sun cloud phenomena, I think this is a Sundog.

There is plenty of rhubarb just now, so we took some to Ballygown, along with more eggs!

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