Monday, 18 May 2015

A great week of weather.

From the photographs in this post you might think that we had a great week of weather last week. And we did.  But not a week of great weather.    

It has been a May when you need to snatch the sunshine moments as they happen, because there could be a shower around the corner or behind that hill.

The wild flowers are beginning to appear now, in variety if not number, yet.

The lambs are growing well and Farmer is beginning to plan bringing the in-by sheep in next week so that he can mark the lambs.

There have been lovely moments, most days.

The ash tree is flowering in the veg garden.

The nights are beginning to be too short for Aurora watching. This is my last one of the season. (Roll on August/September!)

Walter, right hand dog, has had a bit of a hair cut.

This is one of the last calves to be born.

I had a day out on Friday, over to the mainland for an AGM.  Came home in pouring rain...

But then the sun came out just before it set.

Next day was wonderful. Sunny and windy, great for air drying the laundry.

And spotting a huge number of early purple orchids.

So many dog violets in the Haunn field, the Coronation Meadow, near the gate to the hill.

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