Sunday, 3 May 2015

May days

Prasad told me to keep an eye out for a Lesser Redpoll at the bird feeders, which I did - and caught this one.

I went away for a night to see an exhibition of paintings at Resipole Studios near Strontian.  When I came back I found that Farmer had turned eggs into bread.  (in fact Jeanette from Ballygown had brought us some sourdough, freshly baked yesterday morning, in exchange for some of our surplus eggs!)  How very delicious it is too.

Today has been a wintery sort of a day. High winds and persistent rains.  Not good for poor little lambs, being born into that.  Farmer wanted until the winds had dropped before going to check the coast.  He had been round the fields as usual, but everything was tucked up out of the wind. Some times you can cause more harm than good by disturbing them.

The weather did improve. Daughter and I did some gardening.  Farmer returned with a lamb whose mother had fallen off a cliff and died, but he managed to foster it on to another ewe, so fingers crossed they will bond.

The grey clouds finally revealed some colour before the sunset.  I didn't see the hare out in the field this evening for a change, but there were wheatears and wagtails bobbing about, the wagtails seem to enjoy following the cows.

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