Sunday, 12 April 2015

Calgary beach clean

Farmer doesn't get days off unless he is actually away from Treshnish - even on a Sunday, especially when there is livestock needing to be fed.  And now that lambing is imminent the start of the working day is even earlier..  The ewes down below are coming to the food quite eagerly but Farmer says they are not running as fast as they are getting heavier in lamb!  D day is tomorrow.

A walk down below with friends from Iona.

After lunch the Calgary beach clean.  We were 20 minutes late, and there were already a lot of people there, fanning out across the beach with flapping bin bags.  We racked seaweed into piles off the campsite and Daughter painted her coat a bench, before we headed off to the sands with our bags to fill.

We were rewarded with tea and home baking, before heading home.

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