Sunday, 5 April 2015

Bank holiday weekends

For the Farmer it is just like any other weekend.  For the family and friends it is blissful having a more relaxed timetable during the day, and being able to chill out a bit.  We have friends staying so we dragged Farmer away from his chores yesterday afternoon and headed for the beach.  

Earlier in the week we had some sunshine - and beautifully calm school run dog walks on the beach at Calgary.

One afternoon, Farmer had to go and check the tups - I went with him. The hares have been slightly put off by Coco being off the lead and so are not venturing into the garden as much as they did last year, so it was really nice to see 2 different pairs, one of them had a lot more white than the others so we knew we were not seeing the same pair twice!

Pellets and primroses.

Brownie is not afraid of coming up to say hello.

After the lovely beach walk yesterday afternoon in the mist, I went to see if I could see the hares again.  

There was a blood moon yesterday for those who were in the right place to see it.  I did get a lovely view of the fullness of the moon but through the mist and it wasnt red!  

Later before I went to bed I went to let Coco out and saw my first ever moonbow.  What a magical magical sight.  I am so grateful once again that we have such wonderful dark skies here.  It lingered much longer than a rainbow normally does, or perhaps that was because there wasn't much of a wind, but I stood outside for quite some time watching it and listening to the occasional sound of a seabird along the shore.  

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