Friday, 24 April 2015

Crab claws and polytunnels

The new cover is on the polytunnel which is a great job done, now we can get gardening again.

Yesterday's dew showed up all the cobwebs along the track through the woodland. 

Farmer had some tractor work to do, in between checking the sheep.  We have a TINY slightly premature lamb keeping warm in the airing cupboard at the moment, he is very frail but in the best place.  The twins in the stock shelter are growing fast.

Wood anemone.

The Hebridean Bulb venture daffodils beside the Kilmaluaig graveyard.  A lovely walk along the shore.  Our visitors from London braved the bathing pool and swam.  I tactfully left them to it!

Cracking crab claws.  Local produce at its best. Prepared within sight of where it came from!  Our Mull & Iona Food trail gathers apace, and may even get a mention on the radio this weekend. (Of more in a future blog post!)

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