Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Counting sheep

A dusting of snow over at Ensay this morning, but the ferries were sailing and any minute the 'man from the Dept.' would appear.

Farmer had to present an equal number of sheep in the fank and the field, as is on our official running total.  He knew he had left one on the hill.

Presumably everyone will sleep well tonight… all this counting…

This lot are free to go and speed up as they head for the wide open Park.

The Cheviots and Zwartbles were counted as they came to 'the bag' in the field behind Duill. 

Inside the hoggs were a little more tricky, as they are very fast and very excitable.  In the end they were counted out of the door.  The two red heifers are the Luings we have just bought from friends near Oban.

Bounding and leaping hoggs, relieved perhaps to be outside.

J, Farmer and I literally crossed our fingers as the numbers were totted up.  Down to the house for the paperwork. Given the all clear. "Everything is fine".
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