Tuesday, 12 November 2013

An unusual birthday party

Farmer has been busy collecting up the sheep for the sheep count on Thursday.  More of that in the next blog post.

I went off to the Ross of Mull today to celebrate the 20th birthday of a Kintra fixture….

The weather was fantastic.  Hail, sun, wind and rain - creating glorious light.

The turbine in the foreground was the focus of the celebrations.  Two of the Kingspan engineers came up to present the owners with a certificate for pioneering renewables.   It has withstood Mull weather for 20 years and provided them with electricity reliably all that time, as for most of those years they were off-grid.

We all went to admire.  Then we came back in for home made soup, cake and song.  It was a lovely occasion, and I was glad to talk to the engineers about our turbines and the differences between them.  Yesterday I checked the readings and the Proven has generated 12,000 units in the same time (50 weeks) that the Kingspan has generated 18,000 units.  

It was a long way to go, but it was well worth it - not just for the celebrations, but the light was fantastic.

The replacement windows for Shian are ordered. They should be here before Christmas.  The builder came to look at the job, so it is all going according to plan.. So far..

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