Tuesday, 19 November 2013

All times of day and night

The winter hay has arrived. It is good to know we have a full load in store in case we run out of silage for the cows.  Farmer has brought the hoggs in to the cattle shed, so that they can be taught to 'feed' (eat supplementary food such as hay and 'nuts').  This winter we have chosen to buy a multi purpose supplementary food in bulk.  Farmer lined the feed container with plywood to keep the food away from the walls of the container, and the lorry arrived one morning and 'blew it in'. I wasn't here to take a photograph but apparently Farmer appeared out of the container covered from head to foot in floury dust.  Thankfully he had been wearing a face mask. Since then, other farmers have said they never stand in the container whilst the food is being blown in!  You live and learn.

Winter is advancing, but it is lovely to see the sage still flowering in the polytunnel, as well as sweet peas.

I missed the Northern Lights the other night as we had friends staying and I failed to look out and check. However, the moon was bright and I took the tripod off to take photographs in the moonlight once everyone had gone to bed.  I took photographs in the polytunnel, though it was challenging manually focussing.

You could walk around without a torch. This is the stack yard gate, between Shian and Shieling. The white spots in the sky are stars, not dust on your screen.

Next morning, Coco's presence in the garden (on a lead!) chased the one surviving chick from this summer into a tree.  Quite high up in the tree.

Showers over Rum in the afternoon.

And the moon this morning beginning to set with showers over Coll.  The hill over behind Ensay is dusted white with snow.  We are waiting for the 'man from the Dept.' to arrive and count the sheep.
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