Sunday, 3 March 2013

Watching and being watched.

Lodestones by Matt Baker.  The magnetic pull of a place. 

We became aware of being watched.

And more closely.  These are 3 of the zwartie hoggs.  The 90-odd blackface hoggs were all together on the rocks when we walked down to the shore.  They legged it when they saw Coco the dogs. The 8 zwarties were not with them, but in 2 separate groups.

Cap found something really nasty to roll in yesterday in the field with the cows (no need to spell it out....)  Today he doesn't smell quite so bad, but if I were you I would give him a wide berth if you come into the yard and he appears all friendly.  

This is the Croig boat.  We haven't seen it for ages.  

Burn water so clear.  No sign of any tadpoles yet.

Fantastic skies today.

Farmer took advantage of the continuing good weather to put the cows with calves out on the hill above Toechtamhor.  
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