Sunday, 10 March 2013

A good day for dung spreading.

Found a nest of eggs in the montbretia this morning so have boiled them for the dogs.  They were not consumed as a special treat for Mother's Day! 

It was a good day for dung spreading.

Farmer loaded this hay onto the trailer this morning as he fears it is the source of the eye infection (blindness) some of the Zwartble hoggs have got now.  It is obviously not good for the animals, but involves alot of work for Farmer too.  He has separated them now and treated them, but as they are all hugger mugger round the troughs at the moment it is likely more will show symptoms.  Not good.

Anyway back to the dung spreading.  The spreader is empty so Farmer is coming back to load up again.

Loading up.

Not a bad view from the tractor.

Quick look over at the deer fence - where it leans in (centre right of picture) to the wood is where a feed trough was blown against the fence in a storm!

Down to Calgary.

Full load again and off he goes.


And more. It is slow going.

Another ship passing.

Back to the house for lunch.   The hens love scratching around under the bird feeders.

And in the afternoon, Farmer and I went for a walk with the dogs. It was a nice surprise to be re-united with the long lost dog bowl, which must have blown off the back door step in a storm, into the burn and been washed down the beach.

The green in this picture are the daffodils, planted in the 1970s as part of the Hebridean Bulb venture. A government aided project..which failed. The turf covered wall is part of the late Medieval graveyard.

Putting a home made gate back on to keep the hoggs away from the daffodils.

Cap was happy. He found a ball on the beach.

Interesting things happening in the rock pools, but no sign of any frog spawn yet along the shore.  This picture is salt drying on the side of rock pool.

I dont know the name of this seaweed but we do eat it sometimes.

The dump! (pre 1994 I might add)

Geese and a couple of dredgers working away.  In the winds the last few nights they have come right into Calgary Bay.

And some strange things happening here as well.  We assume it is rotting seaweed from the storms.

Rubbish collection.

And a Mother's Day crocus or three in the garden.

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