Friday, 15 March 2013

He needs a new name

The week has been another fairly spectacular one.  Monday was particularly fine as you can see from these photographs.

We have been busy with the pre-season preparations and finishing off projects.  I think next winter we might take it a little more easily - less projects...!  It has been one thing after another this winter - a lot of very positive improvements with the occasional last minute hiccup but they are all challenges we have overcome - although the final straw was at 4pm this afternoon finding we had a leaking radiator in the office! The words 'it never stops' ringing in my ears.

Farmer was delighted to get all the dung spreading done in the good weather.  He is now beginning to plan for lambing which starts in 4 weeks time. A gather and pre lambing wormer treatment are being organised for next week.

The new bull has arrived. He needs a new name.

There are lots of in bye sheep photographs in this posting - a reflection of the number of journeys along the track through the Black Park to Haunn to see how Toechtamhor is getting on. Paint is being applied and I am hugely relieved the bath is back in place! It is very close to being finished.

Daughter called Brownie, having not seen him up close for a while. It was quite touching the way he ran across and came in close for a stroke.

The larches in the Langamull woodland are just about to burst.  The sweetest of green buds gradually opening.

Not just us with the paint brushes out. The Council have been at it too.

Lovely and calm in Tobermory earlier in the week.

The second bedroom in Toechtamhor, dust sheeted and ready for paint. We are using Newlife Paints this time, they are made from recycled paints and have impressive eco credentials.  It wasn't possible for them to send me tester pots in the post and a delivery was going to cost £44, but instead they sent A4 sheets of paper with the colours painted on them. I chose from that, and I think I have made the right choice! The new energy saving heaters for the living room have arrived in Tobermory and will be connected up next week.

Over the wall beside Shieling.  The season starts in earnest for Shieling as it is booked through now.  Looking very smart too with its new front door!

Not many photographs of myself on the blog so here you are with my lovely hens. A shadowy self portrait!

And on a trip to Oban.. via Loch Tuath, Ulva Ferry and Loch na Keal.

I haven't got a decent photograph of the new bull yet but I will get one over the weekend and include it in the next post.

As I have explained previously there is a risk of bringing BVD into the herd when you import new animals onto the farm.  We were very lucky as we were not the only Mull farmers looking for an Aberdeen Angus bull and so we were able to take advantage of the other farmers offer to collect the two bulls from Stirling.  The changeover between livestock trailers was swift and they didnt come into contact with any other animals.  Farmer and Jamie went in Jamie's pick up and neighbour's livestock trailer (thank you both again) to collect our bull from the other farmer.  When he finally arrived here, he was unloaded and eating nuts and hay within seconds!!!  His full pedigree name is Black Outlaw so we definitely need to change that, as he needs to be calm and gentle - certainly not an Outlaw!  (Reminds me of the bull we had which liked to lick cars.. he had to go...)

This bottle of wine was given to us as a luck penny by the breeder we bought him from. Appropriately named!

Farmer and Cap on the feeding rounds this morning.

These girls were waiting for him to bring their nuts.

A Friday night sunset over Coll.

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