Monday, 11 February 2013

The pleasure of a morning walk

Farmer wanted me to photograph the colours in the Alder catkins.  It was sunny, and we walked with Coco.  Birds were singing. The sun felt warm. 

I am not going to say spring is just round the corner, but here and now, in no particular order, I am happy to say...... it is lovely to see the first Primrose (though very battered); the fresh green shoots on an Elder, the wandering shoots of the wild Honeysuckle, shapes and sizes of weird and wonderful fungi, the colours of the Alder catkins, the yellow of the Hazel catkins, the regeneration of Hazel coppice, a stem with last year's Hazel nut and this year's catkin, the very low tide on Calgary headland, silvery birch tree trunks in the sun and the statuesque beauty of a dead foxglove.

Just had to share the pleasure of my morning walk.

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