Friday, 8 February 2013

Extreme sheep feeding

Another week has nearly reached the weekend.   

We had an exciting start to the week with some fantastic gales, but no power cuts this time!  Forecast was for snow but we only had sharp and wild bursts of hail.  

The weather was dramatic and wild with lots of spinning for the turbines, and whilst we thought our waves were dramatic, they were nothing like some of the ones we have seen from Shetland and the Outer Isles.  We don't seem to have sustained any damage which is a big relief. I could have done without Farmer's comment when he came back from the feeding the first morning when the winds had died down, saying: "Rooves are still on down at Haunn"... (should I have been worrying about them?)

Farmer hurt his back again at the weekend, and had us quite worried for a while.  Luckily now, it seems to be better, but goes to show he will always need to be careful. 


I helped him with lifting bags of feed and the troughs for a couple of mornings (the wild and windy ones) until he recovered.  Jamie has been in to do the bedding up, which can be sore on  Farmer's back.   These 3 Zwarties frequently graze in behind this gate and forget how to get out again.

We had a meeting with the architect this week to talk more about the 'Bothy Eco-Camp' project.  It is all very exciting, as it feels like a very appropriate project for us, in terms of providing accommodation that will not cost the earth - financially or environmentally, and it will be sustainable in terms of energy use (wind and wood) and affordable (accommodation).   My only problem is that I hate the word 'glamping'!  It is going to be low impact but it is going to be alot more comfortable than camping. What to call it instead? Answers on a postcard please!   

Studio doesn't look very different from how it looked last week, but we are nearer being ready to clean up and furnish, which is exciting!  Duill bathroom is close to the finish, just a few more days and it will be ready.  The new windows for Toechtamhor are being delivered next week.

In the Cattle shed the logs are keeping dry. We still haven't resolved the issue of where to source the kindling and the logs from - as the log supplier has said he is stopping too.  Farmer went to look at the NWMCWC wood to see if he could access it with his tractor and loader, so that we could collect our own and process it ourselves.  We have a mountain of the green net bags as the last supplier we used didn't want to re-use them, despite our having collected hundreds for him! 

The 'heather eye' is clearing up slowly.  3 of the tups have recovered now, but one is still suffering.  They are still in isolation and will be until we are really sure that they have recovered.

The grey aracona chick born last autumn has suddenly started to crow!  Oops - not another layer after all.  His attempts to crow are hilarious, very croaky and strangled.   The hens are beginning to lay now and with the lovely sound of birdsong in the trees, the signs of spring coming are heartening. 

We have been seeing the Golden Eagles alot, over the house and Prasad got some lovely photographs on his blog. 

One of the couriers followed an otter up the track the other day when he was delivering a thermal blind for Studio.   

I finally finished the website upgrade this week. There is a new Wildlife page and a News/Special Offers page.  Do have a look and if you notice any of the pages 'jumping' as you load them, please do email us and let me know!

I cannot remember if I mentioned that I have joined Blipfoto.  I am enjoying the discipline of taking the camera out every day and posting one photograph a day from that day.   It is now light when I do the school run to Calgary in the morning so dog walks with Coco will resume next week.  

Have a good weekend all!

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