Friday, 15 February 2013

Calves, posts and wet land

Calving got underway a week ago, and we have had 7 calves already - half way through our small herd.  One set of twins.  And our oldest cow, no 63, has had her 16th calf!  She is a fine mother. Black cows in doors are hard to photograph, but here she is with her calf already up and feeding. The second photograph down are the twins - one bull calf, one heifer calf.

This ewe has blindness at the moment and is under-going treatment.  She is isolated from the rest of her peers.  She managed to find a good shelter from the weather despite the eyesight.

This little birch is quite dwarfed by the Hooded Crow. On the same walk, I saw a Peewit, which was lovely. We don't see them often.

Off down to Haunn this morning with Neil to put new mattresses in West Cottage. He is busy tiling behind the new cooker in Middle and it looks as if a coat of paint is needed too.  Duill bathroom is finally finished and gets the thumbs up from M who is staying there this week and next.  

We had the wettest of days on Wednesday, and the burn by the house was higher than I have seen it for a very long time.  Within an hour of the rain stopping the levels had dropped thankfully, as it was nearly over its banks.  If we still had the original under floor level boiler room in the house, it would have flooded for definite!

My walk back from Haunn this morning was just magical.  Everyone is talking about spring being just around the corner. I hate to say it too.  It is very cheering to have the longer daylight hours, and it being a little warmer. The burns were burbling noisily in the Haunn field, and along the track.  

The wood sage stalks are so attractive against the skyeline, and distant cloud hills of Rum - snow all gone.

Our Barn Owl Trust designed box has got a bit of lean from the westerlies. I hope those barn owls come back this year.

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