Friday, 26 February 2010


Well, you may have heard. More snow fell at the Glen Coe ski area this week than at any other ski resort in the world. There was a metre of snow in the car park apparently. If that doesn't make you worry about climate change, what will?

The weeks of wonderful bright sunny cold weather with snow deteriorated mid week into grey slushy wet blizzard weather, and this is (see pic above) what Farmer was forced to wear when out feeding his stock.

Our electricity went off Thursday afternoon, (which was a good reminder of how much we depend on it), and when it was restored late morning today, what an amazing job 'the Hydro' do. 'The Hydro' refers to the team of resident employees of SSE who look after Mull, Iona and Ulva electricity, whatever the weather. They brave blizzards to fix our supply. And this was no exception. The weather was formidably wild and still they worked away to get our power going again.

Irony though, as the previous few cold clear weeks, prior to Wednesday, were not great for wind generation as there was very little wind. The wind picks up, but at the same time the grid goes down so the G83 switch turns the generation off and despite the turbine blades cutting quite a speed during the high wind over the last 24 hours, whilst we had no grid connection, the turbine was not able to translate that spinning into generation....! But now thankfully - mains restored and turbine generating, so all well again now.
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