Saturday, 20 February 2010

Mid February and daylight hours increasing

We have 6 new calves so far - and they do seem to be up and drinking very quickly which is excellent, just as we were promised. 6 cows still to calve. The bulling heifers are out in Scoma, enjoying the good weather and the hoggs are still mobbing Farmer each morning when he goes to feed.

Scoma is a field in between the Point and the Haunn field, with remnants of early medieval settlements and turf dykes, which in early summer are covered in birds foot trefoil, burnet rose and wild thyme - one of my favourite sights/sites at that time of year. Nearby on the Point is a good Six Spot Burnet Moth hunting ground.

Hoggs wait for their daily feed, with Tiree in the distance.

By the beginning of February we start noticing the longer afternoons, the shortest day being a good 5 weeks behind us. No longer pitch dark at 4.30 pm, and with the recent cold bright sunny weather it feels even brighter later in the day. Dry ground conditions and settled good weather has enabled Farmer to spread the 3 year old and well rotted dung from the midden in the Haunn field.

Our 'half term' visitors are all leaving the holiday cottages today, having experienced Mull at its winter best - the island showing itself off with clear air and blue skies, quiet beaches and masses of wildlife. Sea eagles, golden eagles and otters being the star sightings, but amongst lots of other birds and the not very popular mink.

Below: Sunlight at 8 a.m over towards the Isle of Coll yesterday.
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