Saturday, 6 March 2021

Catching up in photographs

Farmhouse garden Snowdrops

Our winter has been relatively calm, not too many storms.  

Rainy days bringing interesting light along Loch na Keal. 

Aurora Borealis, from the farmhouse window. 

When it does rain, it rains heavily and cuts out gouges in the sand. 

The Moon is setting on the left with a slight Aurora on the right. 

The daily tasks of feeding the sheep continue. 

Some lovely sunset light, almost unbelievable colours, but I promise as true as I can get them to the sight itself! 

Steps up to West Cottage in the morning sun. 

Nowhere lovelier..

Trips to a very quiet Tobermory every now and then.

The old ewes from the hill, in the fields in preparation for lambing, still a few weeks off. 

And along Loch na Keal again, my absolute favourite trees! 


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