Saturday, 13 February 2021

Ice cold on Mull

This last week or so has been very cold.  No snow to speak of, but bright dry cold days.  These 2 pictures are of Loch Cuin from the air.  It is always particularly beautiful with a thin layer of ice rising and falling with the tides. 

Snowy mountains on the Isle of Rum. 

The view from Reudle. 

Crackaig in the morning sun. 

The first Primrose of 2021.  Tucked away beside the burn protected by the willow growing around it.  Near Crackaig. 

Rum from near Larach Mhor on the way to Crackaig. 

The view from Toechtamhor to Rum, late afternoon. 

Loch Cuin again. 

There was even ice on Calgary Beach. 


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