Saturday, 9 May 2020

More of May

 A view of the farm from the Point at sundown

Looking towards Rum and Skye

Shian and Duill before sunset

So many Greylag geese this spring.

Patches of Wood anemone on the Point

Red campion

Huge clumps of Primrose away from browsing animals

Healthy Nettles supply for butterflies

Natural regeneration in action..

Hemlock water dropwort - poisonous plant

Thrift is flowering despite the dry conditions

We have a few Red Deer on the wrong side of the deer fence at the moment.

Sunset light - Rum and the Cuillins beyond

Herdies at sunset

Looking down to the boathouse from the Point

Rum Skye Muck and Eigg

Sunset light at Haunn

Milk moon rising

Twilight from the farmhouse garden

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