Saturday, 2 May 2020

Lots of lambs

I feel slightly uneasy blogging lots of photographs of life at Treshnish at this current time, when so many many people are experiencing a very different lockdown from us.  As well as living in this beautiful place, our working life largely goes on as it always does - farming and troubleshooting, and despite not having any guests there is still plenty to keep us busy, including a mystery leak on the biomass district heating scheme...  But I have had positive feedback from guests and followers on Instagram and Facebook saying they really enjoy my posts and find it helps them.  So that has persuaded me that it is okay to continue, so here we are.  Catching up on the blog.

The weather during lambing has been amazing. Some years Farmer has got through 3 sets of waterproofs before lunchtime.  This year he has barely worn them.

The Cuckoos are back, and it is glorious to hear them. We only have 2 pairs of Swallows in the shed, same number as last year, but nothing like as many as 2 years ago, which is very sad.  The Curlews are nesting up on the hill again near the Common gull colony and it is lovely to hear them.   Farmer has been seeing a couple of Sea eagles most days along the coast, we think they must be immatures.  There seem to be a good number of Wheatears this year.

More photographs to follow.

Keep safe and well.

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