Friday, 25 August 2017

The middle of August

The middle of August has gone by in a flash. The Salen Show signals the beginning of the end of summer for us as the schools go back the following week, always.  And now unbelievably they have been back for more than a week, and we are staring at the end of the month! 

We have had moments of good weather, but there has been a lot of weather forecast monitoring before outdoor decisions are made.  

Tomorrow Farmer will be gathering the hill in order to spean the lambs on Tuesday and send most of them to market in a lorry.  

The fields are getting that ragged end of summer look.  Prasad has been monitoring the Painted lady caterpillars on the creeping thistle down below the house.  There are still a few around. It seems a bit late to be seeing them, as they still have to pupate and then fly off back to Africa before it gets too cold. 

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