Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sailing by

The summer is sailing by!  August already, and the fields have swung from Orchids into the blues, creams and purples of Knapweed, Meadowsweet and Scabious. 

This is the Belem, a French sailing training ship, built in the 1890s.  To think 100 years ago ships like this would have been commonplace sailing past Treshnish.


Grass of Parnassus...

Tufted vetch..

Devils bit scabious and Wild angelica..

This tiny caterpillar is the Lime-speck pug moth caterpillar.


and Knapweed..

Harebell and Heather..

Here you can just see the Belem (above Duill's chimney) and a huge cruise ship both heading round to Tobermory.

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