Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Who's been eating the angelica?

Lovely late afternoon early evening walk through the Haunn field, the Coronation Meadow.  Knowing that Farmer needed to get the cows in here, yet loathe to stop meandering through patches of Tufted vetch and discovering freshly flowering Sneezeworts.

However the time had to come to let the cows in... Farmer opened the gate, and in they literally cantered.   This is the field they seem to love the best. The first thing most of them did was demolish the statuesque heads of the wild Angelica.  It makes a very satisfying crunch in a cow's mouth you know.   It must smell so sweet to them, as they made a beeline for it. 

Once they had settled in we headed out to the sea field, to look at the Grass of Parnassus.  We were not disappointed, there were hundreds of them, as well as Common spotted orchids still flowering and Devils bit Scabious coming out.

In the woodland near the Old Schoolhouse, there were 2 stalks of Devils bit scabious with that slightly malformed look to them, the stems are flatter and thicker, and they have a profusion of flower heads.  I can't remember what it is called. Very beautiful to photograph.

The sky was unbelievably blue.

I walked the dog down by the boathouse, and found more of these beauties.

Along the track to the cattle shed, there is plenty of Angelica and Common hogweed, safe from the hungry mouths of the cows.

As the sun was setting Farmer and J went to look at the heifers whilst I looked at the sunset. They stood talking until the sun had long gone, planning gathering for the lamb sales - we start selling next week. 

After dark, a tell tale glow.  And a beautiful time lapse here - the photograph below was the test shot for it. 

A beautiful dawn and the first day of school.  Coco and I walked along the beach. It was actually warm - only 8am but the sun was warm!

It was interesting to see the cows settled in the Coronation meadow and how they seemed to be enjoying the rougher damper parts of the field.  Perhaps we will go back tomorrow and find there are no Meadowsweet left...

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