Saturday, 15 August 2015

A good day

Walking down to the cattle grid by the Ensay Burn this morning, the sun comes out again once those heavy showers have passed. Hidden Honeysuckle hits out with its sweet sweet scent, and I have to look for the flowers amongst such much high summer greenery.  The Tormentil is still flowering valiantly and cuts a good contrast with the heather flowering along the track. 

The turf banks and dykes in the Black Park are full of flowers at the moment. The wood sage is beginning to go over now, but there is still plenty of neutral beauty in it. 

St John's wort is still flowering and the Knapweed is just coming out - everywhere!

I saw a Dark green fritillary, several Scotch Argus and Meadow browns plus one sleepy Magpie moth today.

With such vibrant blue sky the tuft dyke inside the Black Park gate caught my eye again. 

While I was wandering through the Duill bog and the Black Park Farmer was off along the coast checking the hill sheep.   He hurt his back again last week, and it is still pretty tender, so I was glad to see him coming back along the track on the quad bike, safe and sound and not too sore.

There was a huge gathering of Starlings around the farmhouse this morning, but only a few on the wires when we went out to see Brownie this afternoon. 

It's nearly the end of the school holidays, so we decided to treat ourselves to a trip to Loch na Keal Meals at Killiechronan.  The light on the south side of the loch was beautiful. 

And we got home to Treshnish to see a hole in the sunset clouds over Coll.  A lovely lovely day.

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