Monday, 20 July 2015

(We have) shorn the sheep

The 'milk clip' was done today.  A lot of nosy 'mothering up' going on in the field tonight. It must be very bewildering to the lambs to try and fin the woolly mum that went into the shed when all they can see are the tightly shorn mums that come out of the shed a few hours later. 

There is something almost beautiful about watching the calm and gentle way the ewes are shorn. Once they are in that squat sitting position they cannot move.

It is hard work, and the shearers work steadily and methodically all day.

The soft shearing boot, essential footwear for this job.

Farmer went to bed early tonight. Many early starts and a lot of physical work, not all of it back friendly.  Tomorrow he wants to go out to the hill and see if he can bring the 12 or so ewes in, that he knows got left behind in yesterday mornings early morning gather.  Once he has got them in, he can let the rest of the flock back to the hill.

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