Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Cowpat gardening

Walking through the field the cows were in about 2 weeks ago.  This lush ring of flora hides a cow pat. Talk about natural fertiliser!

A pale lilac Self heal.

A delight to see a Six spot burnet moth on a Fragrant orchid.

A tidal stack.

Looking back to the boathouse.

Everywhere we looked there were orchids. I think these are Common spotted..

Whatever they are, they are common here.

It is bliss being out there at sunset.

Back in May we found a minute flower which no one seemed to definitely ID. Farmer thought it was Wild Angelica.  It had been growing on the cliffs of the Point, only 2 inches tall.  This was a bit taller than that, but very similar.  We saw several of this size down there, as well as tall ones.

Eyebright picking up the light.

Harebell shaking in the sunset on the Black park turf dyke.
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