Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The colour

Yesterday I wrote about why we are supporting the Ulva Ferry Buy a Brick campaign. It is an incredible story.  

I looked out of the office window this morning and this buzzard was sitting in the tree, beautifully lit by the sun.  I grabbed the camera, didn't check the settings and clicked.  Realised the settings were ALL wrong, but by the time I looked again, he had flown off.  I then digitally lightened the image by 5 stops! I was amazed anything was on it at all!

Dog walking below the house... heaven.  I cannot believe the colour in the light, with the lengthening shadows.

The last 3 calves are weaned.  Their mothers are hanging around the cattle shed, calling to them.   They will stop in a day or so.

Farmer collected the 3 new tups.  There is quite a menagerie in the cattle building now.

And what can I say about the sunset...

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