Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A walk in the dark, a walk in the light.

A walk in the dark. Faint Northern Lights and a strong moon.  Suffice to say I was in heaven. Everyone else was in bed.

Sunrise over Ben More.  For 7 years we drove Daughter over this hill to get the school car to Ulva primary. For 7 years I have framed the sign, the cairn and the top of Ben More in my minds eye. This sunrise is a start!

Coco and 16 year old Thimphu the farm cat. (and we need to paint our house..)

The corner of Haunn, Scoma and Black Park fields looking north.

Stonechats aplenty in the Haunn wetlands.

The buzzard territory dispute.  So disappointed I couldn't hold the lens steady.

Some of the strange almost mystical fungi around just now.

It was so very calm.  The sun was warm.  A gale is forecast for tomorrow.

Usually the cow pats are picked over by the birds.  It is unusual that this one hasn't been, and that grasses are beginning to grow.

This tell tale bit of fur tells the tale of the dismise of a young rabbit.  I thought I would photograph the top of the post, which the bird of prey had been using as a dining table, but it was too gruesome.

More fungi..

Behind the man...

One of many Thrushes we saw today.

And this just has to be deadly poisonous.  I am deeply suspicious of them all.

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