Monday, 10 February 2014

Some Aurora activity

Some lovely (hen) news from guests who stayed in Shieling last summer:

Dear All at the farm,
Last June/July M and I stayed in the Sheiling for a truly wonderful week with you on Mull.
At the end of our week you kindly let us return with 6 eggs, which we duly placed under one of our broody chickens.
Out of the six 4 hatched out and to our amazement they were all girls !!!
We are happy to report that they have now started laying..
We keep up to date with all your wonderful web sites and hope to return again in the coming years
Kind regards
M and G ( S the dog and the Treshish 4...)

Isn't that lovely?!

We have been lucky with the weather compared to other areas of the UK.  It does keep raining and the fields are saturated but it runs off and hasn't flooded us out of house or home.  

Farmer sets off to feed on Sunday morning, with Walter helping navigate. 

Farmer woke me just after 5am this morning as he thought he could see a slight green in the north sky.  

Test shots through the glass of the office door revealed some Aurora Borealis activity.  Unfortunately there was a lot of cloud.  But fortunately there were a lot of stars to look at. 

I spent about an hour in the garden in my dressing gown and wellies.  The photograph above was amongst the first I took, with a green tinge, an hour later I took these below, with a purple tinge.  The pinky orange glow is the light from Tobermory.  You can't see it with the naked eye but with long exposures it seems to show through. 

The guests we have staying in Shieling this week swear they want me to wake them up next time...

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