Saturday, 1 February 2014

A winter weather week.

We have had some wonderful days of weather this week.  And some horrors.  A winter weather week. Work has been progressing well in Shian.  The electrician has nearly finished his part of the project, he just has to come back when the plaster boarding is finished.   

The cottage felt so warm going in yesterday afternoon. The heat from the stove seemed to be warming the whole place.   You wouldn't have known there was a gale blowing outside. 

This is Duill.

The little lochan next to Duill.

Today the weather was very wintery.  We woke to a dusting of snow.  Farmer got totally frozen during the feeding chores.  Walter is getting better at holding on. 

The guests from Middle left this morning.  We warned them about the un-gritted road between Dervaig and Aros Bridge, but then had to use it ourselves.  It was fine!  It looked wintery and the sky was darker than the landscape, but it had started to rain by midday.

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