Thursday, 26 December 2013

Peace at Treshnish

I meant to blog before Christmas to wish all our guests, past, present and future a very Happy Christmas, but we were worried that the internet might go off if we had a power cut in the storm that raged on Christmas eve so we unplugged the satellite dish from the power supply, and unplugged ourselves from the world at the same time.  (Interestingly, we all survived the experience quite nicely!)

We had a Christmas afternoon walk, we had a sunset too.

It has been a tempestuous month weather wise.  Today we walked out across the in-by fields to open some gates and close others so that the ewes can move onto clean grazing.  There was something noticeably different about the day.  The sun was shining.  There was NO wind. Listening to the silence was wonderful.  Seeing the sun shining was wonderful too.

I havent taken many photographs of the late medieval settlement (Scoma) very often but in this low winter sunlight the shadows show up the buildings quite well.

A moment to look into the roundels and see whether there are any young birches showing.

For the first day in weeks, the bay was calm.

Down by the boathouse, it was calm and sunny though it was raining on Coll.

I want to remember to photograph this wild rose in 6 months time to show the difference between summer and winter.

With best wishes from all at Treshnish.
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