Thursday, 5 December 2013

In the face of it

Overnight the wind speeds rose - northwesterly to start with and then more directly into the face of the farmhouse rising up over the open raised beach.  We managed to sleep through, off and on, most of the night until just before 6am, when the gusts starting shaking our bedroom, and we woke to lightning and more building-shuddering storm force wind.  Hail, rain.  As it got light, we could see the white of the boiling surf along the shore below the house.

Worry about what damage there might be.  Farmer realised he could not feed the cattle indoors or the hoggs until the wind had dropped, because if he were to open the feed container doors in this wind, not only could he do himself damage (my thought not his) but the food which is loose in the back of the container would be blown about all over the place.

There are moments of sunshine in between the storm force blasts.

Farmer went to check the tups below the house but could only find one of two.  I went back with him while he walked the field looking for the second one.  He found him huddled up out of the wind with a ewe.  Tup one had paired off with Daughter's pet lamb Alice, below.

Brownie, another pet lamb, 3 year old wedded (neutered male) tried to follow through the gate into the field by the house where Shian and Duill are.

Luckily we only seemed to have suffered the loss of some board off our own house, and a few things have moved.. including the rubber boat and summer wheelie bins.

And then it snowed..sideways.

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