Thursday, 12 September 2013

Up on last year.

It was a major achievement to get all those bales wrapped before dark on Monday.  What a relief!  The more silage we can make the less feed we need to buy in.

The calves had gone off on Sunday to be put on a lorry bound for Monday's Traditional Breeds Sale at Stirling.  As the haulier was unable to take them on Monday they arrived a day early and were looked after by the stockman at the mart.  Aberdeen Angus cattle were the last breed to be sold, so it was late afternoon on Monday before we got a call from the mart telling us what the calves had made.  Farmer was pleased. Up on last year, up on the year before.  I still don't think he will buy me a new hat, but it was a relief to get a fair price for them.

Once the additional bales were safely in the field by the house, Farmer was able to move the cows from the Hill Park into the field below the house. 

On Tuesday Farmer, J and D managed to make another 8 bales in the little field beside Kilmaluig graveyard.  It is always difficult getting the machinery in and out because of the very old stone bridge, and the lovely over-hanging hazel trees.

Wednesday was misty and damp and a trip to Tobermory was required, so we took a van load of cardboard and fish-boxes filled with bottles to the Council dump/recycling centre.. It made sense, as we were so close, to go to Glengorm for lunch.  A stretch of road through the forest at Ardmore was covered in these fine silken webs catching raindrops.

Our guests have been far and wide in pursuit of local food this week, not just content with what the north of Mull has to offer... Am Birlinn, Glengorm, Cafe Fish, Boathouse on Ulva... The prize for travelling to eat goes to Studio, who went down to Fionnphort to eat the NinthWave! They said was unbelievably good.  We have never eaten there, but we must. Carla and her husband John grow a lot of what Carla cooks and John catches the shellfish. They had sourced their rack of lamb from us too.

Today has been quite grim.  Rain all day.  Look what it has done to the burn beside our house.  This brave Alchemilla was flowering beside the track.

The burn burst its banks.

Farmer showed me what we think is 'Slime Mould' (also known as Dog Vomit fungus, I can't think why) earlier today, but unfortunately I didn't photograph it until late this afternoon, by which time the rain had washed a lot of it away. It grows around the grasses which looked quite spiky, coated in this yellow eggy slime.  It apparently feeds on rotting vegetation, in this case our 'lawn'. Apologies as now it does look quite like dog vomit.

The damp skies have lifted a bit and we had a glimmer of a sunset which has been a joyful respite from a very wet day.

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