Saturday, 20 April 2013

The rise and fall of the farmer's frame of mind

Farmer's 'trum' was pretty low earlier in the week with the torrential rain and cold, the loss of 2 hypothermic lambs one after the other, worrying about what he might find out on the hill the next day and imagining the worst. Thankfully things were not as bad as the imagination pictured over night. 

A new day. New lambs.  And it all seems manageable again.

This ewe needed assistance and it is great to see her so proud of the lambs.  She brought them to me for the photograph.

This lamb was a breach. The ewe was a bit freaked out and legged it as soon as Farmer let her out into the field. Jan stood her ground. So did the ewe. The lamb ran to Farmer at every opportunity initially. Finally they were re-united. Postscript to this story is that the ewe has no milk, so the lamb came into the house this morning for bottle feeding. (Daughter very excited at prospect of rearing him).  He is now being twinned on to a ewe with lots of milk who lost her own lamb.

Quick trip to Tobermory.  The Mishnish cried out for a photograph of its new colour.

The water level in the lochan beside Duill is recharged.  Too late for the frog spawn though.



Replacing a lost slate from the gale earlier in the week.  Farmer has no head for heights. But there was no one else he could ask to do it before the next guests arrived.

Willow - in the Black Park.

Primroses thriving in the protection of brambles and willow.

The lamb (mentioned above) waiting for fostering.

Brilliant blue skies and young birches thriving.

Toechtamhor's new windows and the daffodils. Never the prettiest cottage, but with a beautiful view!

And last night's set of triplets.  This ewe is a wonderful mother.  In the photograph below, two are drinking and she is licking the third so tenderly..

Zwartble mum with her twin lambs.

Understandably Farmer feels more positive at the end of a day like today.  (The word 'trum' comes from Para Handy.)

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