Sunday, 21 April 2013

Nearly there, the spring.

The foster lamb and his new mother.

The day brightened after a wet start.

This magnolia tree is flowering a month later than usual.  Not nearly as many flowers as last year, and not as intense a colour either.

This is the same tree in March last year.  Quite a difference.

The field of daffodils are out though, and looking beautiful in the military lines running down towards the sea.

This rhododendron is sheltered from the wind and flowering profusely.

And this one. So much wind damage in other bits of the wood. The exotics are in a minority now, and the natural woodland is taking over again, as fallen trees decay, and young seedlings emerge.

Loving the moss.

And the currant bush.

And these nosey ewes who seemed to think Coco was something very odd.

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