Saturday, 1 September 2012

The 11th Seafood Extravaganza at Dervaig Village Hall.

The Menu.

Here follows a slightly incomplete photo-story of a great night. I didn't get any pictures of the team of helpers outside shucking oysters, or those who washed up and up for hours in the kitchen, or those who waitressed along side me. I didn't get a picture of Iain Thomson singing (which was wonderful as it always is). I didn't get a picture of the hardworking Hall committee members either - I will try harder next year!

But here is what I did get, on a camera with a fading battery.

Everyone seated, waiting for the feast to begin.

And in the kitchen, the fresh oysters are ready.

Lobster and crab for the platters.

The smoked salmon/horseradish cream filo and crab filo tarts to follow the oysters. (I forgot to get a photograph of the chowder that followed all this.)

Nick - master of ceremonies, man with the original idea, and man who organised everything - and Michelle - head chef and in charge of the kitchen team. Just before the platters went out.

And the 'fest' begins.

And after fresh fruits and delicious homemade meringues, the auction...

Auctioning off chocolates, whiskies and wellies....

Nick's old wellies 'guaranteed to wet your feet' (i.e. well used with holes) beautifully decorated by Helen Mortley, and raised £60 and quite a few laughs in the process.

Coffee with Island Bakery shortbread, followed by a dram with Michelle's tablet ended the evening.
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