Thursday, 30 August 2012

A satellite broadband blog

Tiny burnet rose hips.

We have been having issues with the broadband this month, so this is a very short blog with hardly any images! We can only get satellite broadband here and as part of a Scottish Government broadband for all initiative, we had a dish installed about 3 years ago. It was a huge step up from dial up, and if it was slow to regular broadband users, it felt super fast to us. It is expensive though - we pay £57 a month for 25GB data download and a speed of between half and one MBps (when lucky). It meant we could install wifi in the Phone Room for our guests which we were really happy about, and didn't intend to charge for it.

The last couple of months have been touch and go as to whether we had enough download capacity, as we received emails warning us that we had almost reached our limit and therefore were about to be 'throttled'. (charming!). They usually come around the 26th-28th of the month so we would just manage to eek the supply out til the next month's quota began. However this month we had almost exceeded the limit half way through the month! Eventually I had to remove the router from the Phone Room in order to ensure the office could still get connected when it needed to. Daughter has been banned from Facebook (says its killing her social life) and Farmer was no longer allowed to use his iPad!

I am hoping that with the end of the school holidays and moving into the autumn months that internet usage will go down a bit, and we can stay as we are for the time being. But we will have to investigate alternative suppliers to see if we can increase our download package. Wifi in the Phone Room will be switched on again on Saturday!!

Farmer has been monitoring the grass and flower situation in line with our SRDP grazing regime, and it was time yesterday to move the cows into the New Field. They calmly waited for him to open the gate. It was interesting to see that they had not eaten the Devil's Bit Scabious as there was still lots in the field they had been in. They would be allowed into the Black Park but, like this time last year, it is still looking spectacular and we feel reluctant to let them in there just yet.


Grass of Parnassus singly so elegant (above) and stunning in quantity (below). You could hardly move for them in the field near the Point.

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