Tuesday, 17 July 2012

It's a secret

We really did have a wonderful time away. Barra enchants with its wild flowers and beaches, as well as lovely people and lack of internet access, but it was also very nice to get home. Always reminds me of how lucky we are to come home to Treshnish! And the Treshnish wild flowers, as seen in these photos, are also fairly enchanting, even though I say so myself.

It's a secret. Or at least it was. But now 'hidden' at Treshnish is another sculpture by Matt Baker. Something to chance upon, and enjoy. Farmer, almost straight off the Barra ferry, was put to work as Artist's Assistant.

I will photograph it again (and again I expect!) in better light, it was getting dark when I took some of these!).

Over half way through the farming year, and the next sheep hurdle is coming up with the milk clip to take place later this week. Farmer is already busy moving stock from this field to that, to make sure he has enough fields to put all the different 'hirsels' whilst they wait to be sheared. Ewes from the Sitheans will be in the turbine field, the hill ewes in the hill park and the Cheviots in the field by the house. The handsome tups seen here in the field by Shian and Duill have gone down below the house until the shearing is done.

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