Monday, 16 July 2012

Barra 2012

Boats from beginning to end of the holiday.

The photograph of the Zora Jay in the little Northbay harbour shows the church and village hall in the background. Hidden behind the hall is a great community garden selling plants and fresh vegetables. There was alot more local produce available for visitors this year - a Local Produce market in Castlebay and 3 times a week Northbay village hall is host to a community cafe selling local produce as well as fish. It was great to see a good selection of island made things.

We were on Barra for the Fisherman's Mass again this year. The weather was not quite as kind as last year. But it was still a lovely event, and the blessed fishing boats did their mad race round the way with the Lifeboat after it was all over (with the fish box cooler full of refreshments).

And all in a flash it was our last day and we were off to Castlebay to get on the ferry home. This time the evening ferry was late, and we stole an extra walk along the Herring Walk in Castlebay with the dog while waiting for the ferry to come in.
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