Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Lamb sales

The lambs were sold in Oban market on Tuesday. One small 'draw' of cheviots and a good 'draw' of blackface did really well, (first time in 16 years of selling that we made that much for a pen of lambs!) and interestingly at the end of the day, the blackface lambs made a higher average than the cheviot cross lambs.

In previous years, we sold our lorry full of lambs by the kilo on an organic price per kilo agreed BEFORE they left the farm, which meant we always knew what we were getting across the flock. Some of the younger or smaller lambs will only fetch a few pounds through the ring and that drops the average.

The ewes are still noisily calling for the lambs and tomorrow Farmer will put them through the fank and then they will go back to the hill until Tupping starts in November.
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