Saturday, 30 January 2010

Seaweed and winter sunshine

After winter storms, rich pickings are found on nearby beaches. We help collect rotting seaweed for the local eco school, carrying it in recycled cattle tubs and fish-boxes found on earlier beach-combing forays. And more, we take home to fertilise our own vegetable garden.

Fly by church on Tobermory sea front. Today arctic winds bring cold bright weather with brilliant blue skies followed by intense but fast moving showers of hail or snow.

A shower of hail starts out on Rum this morning, coming our way, as the first rays at sunrise came over Ensay Hill. Watched the shower tip out of rotund puffball clouds above Rum's shivering peaks tinged pink as it moved across steely grey sea, reflecting pale warm hues on the water as it moved. Lost sight of, first, Caliach Point and then, Calgary Point as the storm approached. A silent fog of hail. And as quickly as it came it cleared leaving behind a thin white veil on the ground.
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