Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Deep Freeze and Sunshine

Looking over from Treshnish to Tiree.

Treshnish hills and fields are back to their usual winter plumage - a range of reds, browns and oranges, with faded greens and pale dying grassy threads. There is still ice everywhere, snow in tiny sheltered places where the sun cannot reach. It is very cold, and the road from Ensay to Kilninian is still impassable. (Impassable, or should I say impossible, roads on the Isle of Mull have been making the news this week.)

Some of those delightful Cheviot hoggs, with snow covered Rum in the background. Our stock are all safely grazing the in-bye grassland so we do not have the concerns that many farmers do, where their animals are out in deep snow.

And looking over a frozen wetland area to the other side of Calgary Bay. The sun is warm but the ground underfoot is still rock hard.

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