Sunday, 1 January 2023

A New Year begins

Happy New Year! 

Another year begins at Treshnish.  Christmas is past and the decorations are back in the attic (bar the one or two I always forget).   

Last night we said goodbye to the old year and greeted the new one.  Moon, stars and fireworks in Tobermory. 

December ended dry and sunny which was most welcome after some seriously damp weather.  Farmer and DG put all the ewes through the fank and took the tups out.  They are all back in a big group together and the ewes (having had their annual vitamins) are all back in their respective places - Blackface and cross Cheviots on the hill, Cheviots and Herdwicks in the fields.  The next time they will be gathered will be in February for scanning.  

We have maintenance to do in the cottages, and work to finish off outside the shepherds hut, and the wood-fired bath to install! 

580 sheep and one cow! 

The last sunset of 2022 was a beautiful one.


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