Friday, 30 September 2022

September - walks, sheep work

Hen house 

Late flowering Tormentil. 


Sorting the cast ewes for sale 

Herdwick stripes 

Late flowering Centuary 

Damp Calgary Beach

Fergus, our new Herdwick tup

He has got such a wonderful face.  We bought him in late August from James Rebanks in Cumbria. 

12 year old Brownie could be your neighbour when staying in the shepherds hut.

J's cows in the Black Park

The Rock doves hang around waiting for us to feed the hens.  We stand around until the hens have finished feeding to try and stop them from stealing all the hen food. 

East Middle and West


Growing Chrysanthemums for the welcome packs

And Everlastings

Meadowsweet still flowering in the Black Park 

Heathers down by the Ensay bridge 

Heathers clinging on

View to Calgary from the Point 

Farmer and Nyje

Young Hazel.. self seeded 

Lovely to find Field gentian flowering on the Point

Love this view looking towards the Ross of Mull 


From the Point with Coll in the distance 

Late flowering Bloody cranesbill 

Wood sage, dying 

Orange ghosts of Bog asphodel

And two very different walks on Calgary Beach 

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