Saturday, 12 November 2022

Ensay Fank and In bye tups

That tree. 

We have had the use of the fields at Ensay this year.  We have had hoggs and wedder lambs there.   Getting them into the fank up on the hill beside the farmhouse requires the attention of ideally 3 people. Farmer and DG gathered the field and brought them down the road, while I stood ready to block the road with sheep hurdles so that they go into the fank field rather than down the road towards the beach. 

The fank has a beautiful sea view. 

November skies 

JL's cows are on the hill now.  They are hanging around the deer fence looking over into the yard, mooing every time they hear the quad or the buggy. 

While I was away last week Farmer put the in by tups out.  This Herdwick tup is with the older ewes.   We bought him 2 years ago from a farmer near Stirling. 

He was delighted when we turned up with a feed bucket and had a taste before chasing off after another ewe. 

No 86 always enjoys a scratch. 

Off he goes..

This is Pedro.  He is a Suffolk.  He is with the older Cheviot ewes.  He has red raddle paint on his chest. 

You can see from these pink bums that he has been busy already. 


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