Thursday, 3 February 2022

The Polycrub

Great excitement in the farmhouse this week as the long dreamed of Polycrub is put up.   

Back in early December we sold some Herdwick ewe lambs to some crofters from Sanna, Ardnamurchan who have a Polycrub, and during the course of our chat over a cup of celebratory tea they advised us to use an installer (GB) to put it up.  I am so glad we did! 

At New Year on a family walk we found a long length of fish farm cage pipe on the shore beyond Haunn and brought it up to the wooden gate to retrieve later.  Little did we know we would need it a few weeks later.  

The Polycrub kit was delivered on the back of a lorry in November and has been sitting in the yard waiting.  When GB arrived and settled down to start building, he noticed that we were a hoop short.  A quick call to the Polycrub HQ later, and yes we should have had 10 and we only had 9.   

Then Farmer remembered the length of fish farm pipe we had found at New Year.   Maree at Polycrub HQ explained how to create the fixing holes and at what lengths on our reclaimed fish farm pipe hoop and by the end of the day, progress was made.  

Purlins were screwed into place. 

Soon it was ready for the polycarbonate cover. 

It takes 3 people to carry the 14' sheets.  Luckily it wasn't too windy.

The joint strips were quite a palaver to fit, and again needed 3 pairs of hands. 

Most of the week, the weather was pretty grim but there were occasional moments of brightness.

The sheets were all secured. Then we had 2 storms, with 2 bouts 70+ MPH gusts.   No damage! 

When the wind dropped work on the ends was about to begin. 

GB beefed up the strength of the ends with extra timber supports. 

Then the ends could be clad.  And doors and windows made.   The end nearest the track has a stable door and the far end has 3 opening windows. 

Pleased Farmer. Bemused Coco. 

All that is left now is for us to order the timber and make the raised beds.  

So many thanks to GB for his hard work, accuracy and guidance - and to AS for all his hard work.  I think it has to have been one of the least stressful projects we have ever done. 

The Polycrub marks the beginning of a new venture, to extend our growing season and our under cover growing area.  Plus we have an exciting project up our sleeve! 

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