Friday, 27 March 2020


A dry calm spell of weather recently has meant I was able to get the drone up in the air.  The woodland 'garden' planted in the 1930s has suffered a lot in recent years from storm damage, with lots of trees and shrubs being felled by high winds and often sadly obliterating beautiful shrubs as they fall.  Luckily the beautiful Magnolia you can see from the main road has not yet been hit, and we enjoy it flowering every year.

This year it has flowered abundantly and a week or so of calm weather meant there was a good cover of flowers on the tree itself.

Kilmaluaig graveyard was hidden by scrub Blackthorn and Bracken when we first came here.  We managed to clear it, cutting back the scrub and cutting the Bracken, but unfortunately the Bracken is back.

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