Monday, 2 December 2019

The Massey 135

We were trying to remember when we bought the tractor.  It was either in 1997 or 1999.  Massey Ferguson stopped manufacturing the 135 in 1975 so it was at least more than 20 years old more by then.

We had stayed the night before the sale at the Spital of Glenshee Hotel, where we had stopped for many childhood post skiing treats of hot chocolate, warming our chilled limbs by its 60s Alpine styled open fire.  Gone now were the ghosts of those almost mythical family occasions as the hotel was faded and sorry for itself. Busy with numerous coaches full of elderly passengers there for a Christmas meal and a festive sing-song - every night from early November.  

The roup (dispersal sale) at a nearby farm was a desperate occasion, as the farmer and his family were moving on, and were clearly sad to be doing so.   We both had a slightly uncomfortable feeling looking round the different lots for sale. 

We had travelled over specially as Farmer was looking for a small tractor which would enable him to get into lots of tricky corners to cut the bracken. We’d seen that this was for sale.

Having successfully bid for the tractor we arranged for Allan Stewart the haulier to bring it back to the island for us on his lorry.  

Fast forward 20 or 22 years later and today S went to collect the same tractor from Dervaig.   Farmer had sold it to a friend in the village about 15 years ago, and now full circle, it was coming home.   

The Spital of Glenshee Hotel burnt down in 2014.

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