Saturday, 5 October 2019

Bird friendly silage making

The old schoolhouse in autumn.

We have always made late cut silage in order to allow ground nesting birds to safely fledge their young and to let the wild flowers set seed.

This year our silage is going to Sgriob-ruadh Farm where they make the delicious Isle of Mull Cheddar.   Farmer moved the fields with our mower and Sgriob-ruadh brought their tedder over so he could turn the grass before they came to bale and wrap it.   The weather was perfect, so the silage will be as good a quality as it can be, being cut this late in the year.

A beautiful day for it.

Studio sunroom is being rebuilt this winter, so this is probably one of the last photographs of it in this state.   There are lots of leaks and cracks in it, and we are making a doorway in the new one straight into its little garden.

Our vegetable garden has been very productive this summer.  

I love this view of Shieling and Studio. 

And this one of Shian and Duill.
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